Never feel alone again.

The Problem

While most of us have had the luck not to lose something as precious as eyesight, those who suffer from impaired or lack of vision know the problems faced in day to day life, especially communication.

The Solution

What's needed, is a simple, no-nonsense interface for the blind to interact with their devices. A way for them to visualize, to use the power of the device in their hands to do what they want to–just like we all do. Their lack of sight should never be a detriment to them feeling the same way, doing the same things as we do.

Meet Shravan

Shravan is an elegantly thought out and well-planned user interface that does not require the sense of sight–making it perfect for those with impaired or reduced vision.

Make your phone usable again.

Shravan is designed specially for people with impaired vision, using auditory and haptic feedback to help them communicate with their loved ones easily and seamlessly. Learn more.

Coming soon–a whole new experience.

Shravan Phone will completely reinvent the way the blind experience communication. With pressure-sensitivity, an easy to use touchpad and gestures, this will be the easiest phone they'd have ever used. Learn more.

The Team

We're not many, but it doesn't take much to change the world–as we hope we will.